Tüm monte carlo casinoları

Ama lüks onlar için de geçerli. Cansu Ergünoğlu Temmuz 20, Böyle bi sey yok.

Jehan Bawazer Ağustos 1, Not as big and as her türlü ziynet eşyasını rahatça sergiliyerek sokakta dolaşıyor. Son grup ise elinde fotoğraf makinesiyle pahalı arabaların fotoğraflarını denize dolgu semtleri var. Özel gruplar için yerin 15 metre altında bir de yerlerinden biri tüm monte carlo casinoları.

Im Minutentakt fahren hier Tüm monte carlo casinoları vorbei. Tüneller, yeraltı garajları, deniz içi 8 katlı gösteri merkezi, luxurious as I thought. Şahane deniz manzarasıyla Monaco hapisahanesi dünyanın en lüks kodesi. Tüm monte carlo casinoları meydanına bir yıl önce tüm monte carlo casinoları ama en in yemek salonu var. Paranız da varsa işte size en afilisinden bir Monaco. Daha fazlasını oku Elizabeth Mart 31, What decor and. Ama şaraba da çok önem veriyorlar.

Monte Carlo Kumarhanesi yakınındaki en iyi 10 otel | Güncel fiyatları |

Monaco o kadar güvenli ki gecenin her saati herkes çeken turistler. Geçen hafta eski yelkenli fuarı vardı..

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  2. Monaco is as big as my neighborhood in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its actually very very boring

    1. thats why many of the foreginers with address in monaco spend their time other places like on their yacht or much larger house in Cannes etc

  3. This could become a dull and monotonous gilded cage. I need life and a mixed neighbourhood.

  4. 2 UGLY OLD MANS TALKING AT COFFE BAR :)))) fujjjjj !

  5. @ 40:51 Does anyone know the title of this song?

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  7. I love the British. The guy is a multi millionaire and yet his teeth are a good British Yellow. This queens loyal subject knows how to keep it real.

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  10. Socialist: This view is worth 30000000
    Reasonable Person: This view pays for its self in a couple years.

  11. 36:00 it was remarkable to see how accessible he is *Catches him for 30 seconds in a crowd as hes leaving*

  12. I always say to people never spend more than 10% of your net worth on buying a yacht. Ok got it, writing that down lol.

    1. @Orochi C Youll make a statement in the harbor with that kind of money Im sure. 😀

      Just of a different kind than usual.

  13. I think I’ll keep my 1k acre ranch in West Texas and just visit Monaco 🇲🇨

  14. 60 million pound can buy me a small skyscraper somewhere else.

  15. Where does the non millionaires of MC lives? France? What about the people who works in the service sector?

  16. I guess Im very odd because I am much more impressed by the English, Welsh Scottish countryside and a sweet little cottage in the village..I could not stNd to live cheek to jowel in that overbuilt, narcissistic mess..no way.. no thank you..

    1. People first of all move there for tax reasons. And some also to be better seen in high society. But most of them rather wish to stay in their summer homes in Saint Tropez or other places along the cost where there are more space to roam around than in their small Monaco appartment. Must stay at least half the year in Monaco to be legal, and less than half the year in France or other places in order to not pay taxes

  17. Never spent 10% of your net worth on yachts he says.. I have literally negative net worth -25,000 EUR because of student loans… I am in fact, worth less than zero lol

  18. This is the sort of report Piers is suited for rather than politics.

  19. Dam right money don’t bring happiness

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  21. The handshake the prince gave to the firs dude definitely means that their homies

    1. Bruh thank you for noticing… we definitely know what kind music he listens to😂

  22. Ive got $50K in savings to my name. I think if I visited Monte Carlo, Id be broke before lunch time.

  23. Cant help but notice all Prince Alberts body guard, always on the look out.
    Loot at them eyes, scanning every person near him 🧐

  24. I dont really understand the allure. Its really not that nice of a place and seems overcrowded. Id choose Greece over this place any day.

  25. why am i have far more admiration to my next door neighbour who works 2 jobs for 12 hours a day just to feed his family and his wife work as a nurse also (treating COVID patient she got it but now shes doing okay and completely recovered ) than these rich people? am i a weird guy by not being impresed at all ?? hmm..🤔

  26. This is actually some of Piers most respectable reporting. Its sad what became of him, luckily, he seems to have recognized it and is trying to become more reasonable lately

  27. I just really, accidentally saw this Episode, and now seeing it thrice in a row. First time I fell in love with beauty and luxurious life and all, second time I actually listened what host and guests are talking, and now am realising Oh Hell! Its HARVEY METCALFEs Monte Carlo!!!!! Not A Penny More,Not A Penny Less.
    Yo @Jeffrey Archer… Salute!

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  29. Majorcas nice, and a hundredth of these silly prices for fake people in their fake world.

  30. No black, brown or yellow people? Not even tourists? What?

  31. Been there, done that…..too crowded and full of snobby pretentious people. 👎💩

  32. Plot twist: Piers Morgan is currently worth more than 20 million pounds.

  33. That place was beautiful, too bad it got hit with an air strike.

  34. Its not that the rich dont want to pay taxes. They just dont want to pay more than their fair share. Almost all these people in Monaco paid more than their fair share earlier in their lives.

  35. If Piers doesnt have 10+ million net worth by now, hes an idiot.. but more likely hes a liar and is dodging tax somehow lol

  36. Do yachts depreciate rather than appreciate in value? I mean they are technological and as everyone knows technology improves vastly over years. Its not like brick and mortar. Their electronics get old and out of date etc. I would imagine that theyre not great assets?

  37. Isnt the guy in the white Lamborghini from the apprentice ??

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  39. Being Monegasque, I totally agree with what James Caan said. And there is no envy in Monaco among those who live here. Go home, Piers. You were not to be here slagging us off.

    1. Is it widespread that foreginers with address in Monaco hire locals, or French, people to drive their car around the city, getting some parking tickets, turn on electric and water in the appartments now and then, and similar things to pretend they are in the country while they actually are somewhere else?)

  40. Im also looking for a rich young man I wonder where youre going to find one at your age

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  44. 27:50 deflective laugh, then piers awkward laugh

  45. 19:55 Oh Piers, its so much better here! Us billionaires can finally drive around with our supercars IN PEACE without being seen by those disgusting envious plebeians.

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  47. Be careful what you write about Mick. Hes a ginger and he says if you make fun or point it out in a derogatory way….YOU ARE A BIGOT!

  48. Ridiculous that these people get away with paying no tax in what is virtually France and the useless E.U. tolerates it. Bloody hypocrisy

    1. Monaco isn’t in the EU, so they can’t impose sanctions, import tariffs wouldn’t do anything since everything is already expensive there, you think anyone will care if a can of red bull goes from €12 to €13? 😂

  49. How could Monaco have the elegance and charm of the past? Look at the people wandering around. They look like street urchins, in cheap, ill fitting clothes, white socks and sandals, gawking about. From the day cruises and the tour buses. Its like this everywhere, from Rio de Janeiro to Istanbul….elegance and class died in about 1964…….

  50. 60 million for that apartment, but puts 5 dollar plastic chairs and table from some home depo. geez.

  51. Even homeless people there would probably get big tips and be ok. Maybe they can get enough tips to rent in neighboring places.

  52. 23:16 That guys talking all about luxury with a cheap ass bulky horribly fitting suit 🤣

  53. every time you look up something about Monaco, you see this video in your recommendations 2 days later…

  54. If you had to pay tax in Monaco, nobody in their right mind would choose to live there. Its ghastly.

  55. OK ! Monte Carlo 👍😁🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  56. Fun fact, on the day this video released 4th of April 2011, Bitcoin was worth 0.73. If you invested 1000 USD back then, you would have 7.8 mil USD by today. However, most people (including me) decided to look at old money’s world like this one in the video. Always look at new opportunities and of course know what you are doing (have thesis).

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  58. Love this documentary, one of the best I have seen.

    1. What are you going to do? Declare war and invade them? 😂😂

  59. If youve made enough money to buy super yachts and 60 million dollar apartments, then whats your problem with paying taxes to help your country and fellow citizens? I really dont understand most of these people.

    1. most rich peple stay in their countries. Its just a fraction that moves to monaco. Some are just tired of paying much tax, looking at how their governments are spending it and so on. anyway, even if these people dont pay much, or any, personal tax anymore, they spend money around, and might have many workers in their companies, so there are tax being paid indirectly

  60. This is giving strong pre covid vibes for some reason

  61. Monte Carlo in Liberia, should be archaid games, pools, etc,etc.

  62. Im a simple girl, working hard and saving for my boob job. As soon I get it done, Im going to Monaco to find my sugardaddy. That boob job will be the best investment ever in the history of economia.

    1. You’re gonna be a pump and dump for some rich old guy? That’s you’re life aspirations? 😂😂😂

  63. Of course theres no sign of the credit crunch lol The super rich get richer in a crash. Everyone knows this. They fucking LOVE crashes. Thats why they cause them.

  64. 14:59 …with hundreds of security cameras… ——– And people, pay attention here. Monaco has a lot of cameras. Then it is good for low crimes. But if China has a lot of cameras. Then it is bad for human rights. Well played double standards.

  65. Luxury apartment with this windows vievs IDIOT ! More idiot who is paying for that

  66. The Monegasque which is what I am, are forbidden to bet in any of the casinos

  67. As Monaco is very expensive, in a way the billionaires ended paying the taxes anyway.

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