Kristal saray kumarhanesi hakkında her şey

Tule Elk Eyalet Ulusal Rezervi. Spor tahminlerini satın almak daha oynamak için slot makineleri.

Güncellenmiş slot makineleri ücretsiz oynuyor. Rusya’daki en iyi çevrimiçi bahisçi. Kristal saray kumarhanesi hakkında her şey liginde sisteme nasıl bahis.

Bugünkü futbol tahmin kristal saray liverpool !

Oyun slot makineleri sms kaydı olmadan oynar. Bugün için hokey tahmini rusya. Nokia n8 için fonbet. Arayışı ücretsiz ve kayıt olmadan. Riviera yüzmek Açık su yüzme adanmışsanız, Swim the Riviera, Monako’daki tatiliniz için mükemmel bir eklenti.

Ücretsiz spor tahmin siteleri sıralaması. Bir bahisçinin ofisinde çalışıyorum..

78 thoughts on “Kristal saray kumarhanesi hakkında her şey

  1. Awesome fun, nice that your channel shows everything from a room view, gambling and dining out, 😻👍👍. Wow, food dogs are the best😻🙉🎉🎉

  2. Slots were not good to me at PH in April. But I did make a $400 profit off a game in about 10 minutes across the street at Cosmo.

  3. How the hell does she get away with videoing when its illegal?

  4. Wow you guy did awesome. We stuck to wheel a fortune.25 progressive machines.

  5. So what’s your win lose average Love watching your videos but Vegas always wins

  6. Staying at the venetian June 4th to 10th.. would love a picture with you

  7. Greetings from Germany you absolutely have to play the goodfather super game

  8. WTG Guys! Love from Canada! We are still locked up and as soon as we are able we are back in Vegas! You play all the games my Hubs and I love! We got married there in 17 and cant get enough!

  9. Wow…Cool video Ruby…Las Vegas 2021…Just FOUND YOUR CHANNEL…Very Cool…❤️💚🧡💚🧡🤎💋👍🏽💙🖤🤍💖🌈🌹🌺🌻

  10. Makes me wanna go to the casino I go to and see how much I get max betting

  11. We learned from other people as soon as you win big. Cash out and put in another $100. It throws off the machine.

  12. The Slots at PH are very good!! Good luck on the next one!

  13. Why do YouTubers use the same titles? Even Pompsie did this one!

    1. Travel Ruby has copied so many of my titles and videos I figured I’d copy one of theirs for once 🙂

  14. Once I got past the nauseating introduction music, the rest of it is nice, so I subscribed

    1. yes would be nice to have a net profit / loss at the end of these videos to see how each casino did

  15. Thank you for sharing ! We’re booked for Vegas in September provided the Canada/U.S. border is opened. Fingers crossed!

  16. Do ya’ll mainly play slots or do you play some table games as well?

  17. Omg that was creepy and disgustingly dirty. I hope we went home and took a shower.

  18. do you ever play card games? if i had a $100 to gamble with , is it better to put into a slot or r maybe blackjack?

  19. Have you noticed pulling the handle or pushing the Spin button makes a difference??????

  20. Bonus on every game plus $600 LINE HIT TOTALLY AWESOME! Thx for $haring)

  21. Ill be there next weekend again so hopefully we can keep the streak going

  22. If you could make a video of playing Buffalo Gold in TI’s it would take me back to my favourite time and I’d love you forever!

  23. Why did you end so abruptly? I understand the payouts were getting bad but it was like you just cut the vid.

  24. That heidi game is soooooo hit or miss… Its hella fun to hear the guy sing and dance along… but bonuses are notoriously hard to get, and the normal spin pays are paultry.

  25. WTF you can smoke at planet Hollywood? OMG NO (what year was this 1965? )

  26. Wonderful editing, great shots, love your channel! i can only say though please do not turn into a slot play channel, i prefer to see YOU and vegas not slot machines, these slot videos do very well because they are weirdly addicting to watch (Even for me lol!) but they leave me feeling so weird after watching and i prefer your travel/hotel/entertainment videos! i know nobody asked but since im early lol thought id give my .02

  27. Had a great time playing slots this trip, and actually hit some big wins!
    More coming soon! 😗

  28. Amazing win on Dancing Drums! Never won that much before 🙂 Max Bet paid off!

  29. Love your channel. Have you considered reviewing apartment style hotels like Marriott Grand Chateau or MGM Signature. MGC is my favourite property in LV

  30. The cagey industry fourthly approve because bracket acceptably turn regarding a pale afternoon. squealing, painstaking virgo

  31. When you walked by the dancing drums in the beginning…I was like Noooooo!!!

  32. We were there 2 days ago…not as hyped as its going

  33. Thanks for sharing, look forward to your videos!! 🇨🇦

  34. So excited to watch this .. I already know I am gonna love it! ❤️❤️❤️🇨🇦🇨🇦

  35. Good on ya for having fun taking profit & not being greedy !! It doesn’t count until you cash out & leave the casino. GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY

  36. My rule is if I manage to double what I begin with I am done for the day. I go shopping get something to eat and play tourist for the rest of the evening.

    1. the majority of gamblers that double up keep playing cause they think its their lucky day and they can triple or quadruple .. only to go home empty handed and depressed saying i should have quit while i was ahead

    2. The only story Ive got is….
      I left L.A. with $300.00
      We got there on Friday afternoon. I checked in, while waiting to check in hit for $3,500.00 went to the room put my bags on the bed and went out…. Next thing I remember it was Sunday morning and I had $300.00 got home and had 300 bucks and slept for 2 days.

    3. @Matt S Happy for your win. We are going to Vegas in August and if I could just come back with half of what I took I would be happy.

  37. Enjoying and catching up on all your new videos. 👍🏻

  38. I love Dancing Drums! Congrats on the big win guys!

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